Am I Thin?

Monday, March 25, 2013


Not sure whether i can catogorize myself as THIN when i feel not! haha. But, that's what people said to me everytime. Yesterday, after i finished my solah at the surau in my office, a lady happened to pat on my shoulder and say, "you are lucky being thin, don't have to squad down to wear socks hehe". And, what a humble thing she said. I was like...'wish it's true' in my heart haha.

Lately, i admit i've been eating alot. I mean alot than the usual hehe. I can't blame the air-cond for being too cold and it 'urged' me to eat more to get warmer. I can only blame myself for not be able to control my appetite haha.

Like i used to say, looks can be deceiving..same thing with me haha. She may see me thin from the front-look but she doesn't know that i look 'widening' from the side-look hehe. And, my worst problem is my belly..i used to have abs..i mean like Cameron Diaz's abs haha and now it looks like im pregnant 3 months! But for my 5' 6" it may doesnt look like i'm fat! That's why they always say i'm thin...i'm thin.

Though i find it 'okey' (just to cheer myself up), it still worrying me up.....

Not that i'm being ungrateful to Him, but what i concern is my health. In other countries, people die not getting enough food. But in Malaysia, people die because of eating too much! Don't wanna be on of them...

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