How's My English?

Monday, March 25, 2013


Somehow i feel like writing in English today. It's been so long since i use my English either in writing or speaking. Since i transferred to KL, it seemed English is no longer becoming a must-speaking language here. Compare to where i worked in Kuantan, i got to use my English language when there are foreigners specifically air-force pilots from English-speaking countries. sounds freaking creepy! U know...when your heart pumping like motorboat and your lips suddenly cramp and your tongue like frozen in hotness haha. But, it's amazing for the first time, you get to communicate with British people in proper English hehe. I was like...."errrr..errrr yes...oh yes" haha. So freaking nervous that time! Can't imagine standing in front of the young-handsome-tall British pilot, asking for weather reports at my office haha.  Hurmm.....i miss that time...really (i mean the speaking part) hehe

But, after 2 or 3 sessions with them i began to get my confidence and managed to speak with them without FEAR hehe. Hey, for a not-really-good-English speaker like me it was tough man! Sincerely, i'm not that fluent in speaking. But, because of my work dealing with pilots i HAD to be speaking-correctly and not rojakly even though i 'm so crazy about rojak! Urmm rojak....rojak buah..rojak mee haha. 

What's tough about their language? Well, their language is not so tough but to really understand their slang is the BIG PROBLEM for me hehe. Do you know, American english is not the same as British english? not in terms of words but in terms of PRONUNCIATION. Yessssssss...we have more trouble in english pronunciation hehe.

Like for example,

American english : What day is today? (and we say it word by word as we spell it, right?)

British english: What day is today? (and we say it like this...Whot-die-is-to-die?)

See, when I 1st heard this (the word TO-DIE) i was like..."huh..sape mati???" haha. And i thought i heard it wrong. But, thats what we call slang. Likewise our mother tongue right. But, it's good to learn their's like a challenge for me to understand better how they speak. 

And now, i don't know whether i can speak fluently, confidently and directly when i meet one. But, i really miss those moments with them. Having them coming to my office asking for weather reports and radars and satellites pictures. I'm definitely not gonna forget that....

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