No Homework In Finland.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


If this kind of system is implemented in Malaysia,  not just the students of primary and secondary but also the parents would be the happiest people on earth! haha. Who likes to have lots of homework when you can choose to have none and still be the best in school?*wink wink*

Compare to countries who still using the 'conventional' (lots of tests & homeworks) methods in their education system, Finland has become the role model of bringing up a new generations of free from homework yet maintaining the graduation level as high as 93% beating Canada (78%) and US (75%)! Now, isn't that awesome? *wink wink*

Now i know, being an A+ student doesn't need you to be excellent on papers (exams) but to get excellent interactions with your teacher in class is the main course. With good interactions and communications the learning process would be smoother and  easier for students to absorb the knowledge from their teachers. 

In order to produce students with good quality of education, the teachers must also have a good quality of degrees. In Finland, the quality of their teachers are as the same as doctors and lawyers . That's why ALL teachers are required to have a Master's Degree. 

Perhaps, Malaysia could learn from this and implement it (not like 100% the same but at least 50% of it is good enough) in our education system. Don't say 'NO' or give bad judges or give 1001 reasons for it has been proven clearly and successfully. Learn to accept changes and perhaps you will see the difference in good terms.

Not just it will benefits the students but it will benefits more to the environment as well (you know, usage of papers for exams can be reduced)

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