Sunday, April 21, 2013

# Video

Street Compliments.


Ever heard your family member gives you a compliment? Any how they meant so much to you. That you are grateful to have such a nice friends/sister/brother like them. Of course you have..But, have you tried it in PUBLIC? Yeah, we need to watch this video instead of watching videos like 'that'.

I have to admit, they are more open when expressing out their appreciation to their loved ones, compare to us (asian). And, for that i think we need to learn more from them. Learn to express out our appreciation and gratitude towards our friends and families even our political 'enemies'. Don't you think so?

Can't imagine if my loved ones speak out in the public like this and say how they love me..i might cry out in the public u know...or not! hehehe.

 Well, i love you too my loved ones! (^_^)

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