Mother's Day Project

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Honestly, Mother's Day is not in my celebration calendar. I can't recall if I ever made a Mother's Day card for my mom during my school time. Even weird, I never wished her 'Happy Mother's Day' or something similar huhu.

But of course I said 'I love you mak' everytime she bought me something lol. And also, gave salam and kiss her hand before I go to school. 

Now, that I have my own daughters studying and exploring new things everyday in school makes them more open to possibilities of learning and adapting new environment that suits them. 

So, the story is about their Mother's Day Card Project .....

This is Wani's project for Mother's Day. The day before, she asked me if I have a picture of myself so that she can bring to school and do something with it. Lucky her, I got one in my bag hehe.

This is an old picture, way back 8 years ago when I was still unmarried haha. 

This is a handmade by Mira where she made it at school. She's getting good with drawings, thanks to her sister Wani for having a special 'drawing class' for Mira every night hehe. 

For someone who never celebrated nor wished 'Happy Mother's Day', this is something sweet and extraordinary! especially when it comes from my daughters. 

They gave me cards and asked me to put it on my desk at office hehe. 

Yes dear, I will ....

Thank you for this beautiful cards and thank you Allah for giving me this two little precious T__T

There you go ... beautiful cards under my desk glass hehe. 

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6 pengomen comel

  1. saya rsa pon takde sambut mother day dulu2..sekarang ni je la tu pon tak ucap by sms @ call..mak bukannye dekat..

  2. Alololo comel nyeeee anak2 akak buat. Sweet sungguh!

  3. Sweet... mana ibu bapa yg tak sayu klu tengok.. congrats Anim.. :) :)


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