Monday, November 12, 2012

Friendly Reminder For Drivers Out There.

To all respected drivers out there whose everyday 
willing to take high risks while driving to work,
PLEASE make sure your car honk works perfectly.
Today, i learnt that most of the drivers especially in KL and Selangor
they tend to be IRRESPONSIBLE while at the roundabouts.

 Do you know the RULES of safe following distances
and right-of-way in roundabouts?
Here, let me brief you guys~

  • First, what do we do when we see roundabout sign ahead?
-We SLOW DOWN to a speed reasonable and look at the vehicles that are passing through the same way and shall yield the right of way to a vehicle in the intersection.

  • Then, If the vehicle moves from the right what should we do?
-We SHOULD STOP to give way to vehicles on the right side to move first. But, i find this very the opposite when we are on the road. We tend to be so SELFISH and INCONSIDERATE!

*In addition to the above;

  • What do we do when we meet such SELFISH and RUDE drivers?
-Well, this is where your car honks really play its role. Press it as loud as you can to express you unsatisfaction for their unprofessional driving skills. *well, it works for me as i dont show f**k or yelling at people.*

Final words, please dont drive too close and always be safe on the road (^_^)

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