Tuesday, May 07, 2013

They Are Sleepy....


Feels like today is Monday. Memang kebiasaan hari pertama bekerja rasa macam tak cukup tido selalu hehehe. Mind setting kita memainkan peranan penting. Kalau tomorrow is working, you will think 'oh gosh! im sure will be sleepy at the office' kan?

Not only human feels sleepy. Animals do too. But, they look more to sleepy-but-adorable kind of hahaha. So, let's see how adorable they can be when they are sleepy....hehehehe (^_^).

So sleepy yet funny and cute! I hope you will be 'refresh' after seeing these sleepy pictures haha. 

My favorite is the rabbit in front of pc. Macam tu la Kenit kalau ngantuk kat opis haha. Cuma part jatuh tu belum lagi la hehehe.

So, which one above is your favorite? (^_^).

Masih banyak lagi yang cute untuk korang terjah:


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