Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Useful Coca Cola Is!


Amazing amazing!  Before this, people said Coca Cola not good! Coca Cola can damage your inner organ! Coca Cola is Jewish's DIRTY plan! Coca Cola this....Coca Cola thatttttt!

Nowadays, people also drink Coca Cola when they break their fast. How do you feel when that gassy water passing through your esofagus and into your stomach after almost 12 hours fasting?

See?see?? Now can you understand why I say Coca Cola is very useful!hehehehe. It washes out all the rusty and leave the metal shining! SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND hah? muahahaha.

I can't believe Coca Cola can be that useful! Of all the bad things they say about Coca Cola, still it has an incredible unbelievable supporters from all over the world. And Coca Cola company still 'standing' proudly to serve its customers.

So, you still wanna drink it? heeeee (^^,)

P/S: Luckily i'm a fruit juice lover (^_^). Selamat berbuka puasa everyone (^_^)


  1. agak2x minum coke nie boleh menghilangkan karat kat tulang kita tak?..heheh..aku dah lama tak minum coke nie. Aku berhenti minum coke masa form 5.

    1. hahaha tak tau la plak tu abg bahrain. Tapi, kalu boleh ilangkan karat di hati skali pun ok gak kan hehe :D


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