Monday, December 30, 2013

Because Of You


For every breath we take, for all the blessings we receive in our life, there is only One we should be grateful to ... God. Not only on the health and success favors given, but also the opportunities to love and to be loved.

You have been a great inspiration to me ever since you were born, not only as a mother but also as a woman and as an adult. Incredibly, you have been and still teaching me the meaning of love and the beauty of motherhood. I can't imagine life without you dear....

*love* Me and my precious pearl *love*

The person I am most grateful in life would be my 1st precious pearl, Nurul Hazwani. My going-to-be 7 years old bundle of joy, her presence into my life when I was only 23 has changed me remarkably since. Though it was a 'tough' journey but I would go through the same way again because she is my precious pearl.

She's not only a big sister, but a mentor to her little sister Mira too. And, Mira always refer to her in every aspects like in studies and while playing. They fight alot (hehe), but at the end of the day they would turn to each other and laugh and hug and play again (^_^).

What can I say more? She is the best gift from God.

As a token of my appreciation and love, and also in conjunction with the amazing offer from the DiGi Thank You Sale that you can never resist, I hope to give my precious pearl a Smartphone or a Tablet, perhaps. She is going to Standard One next year, and with the new learning techniques going to be implemented in her school, I'm sure one of these gadgets could help her to gain extra informations and help with her studies. This will be a great Year End Sale from DiGi and as for me, this is the kind of Sale I have been waiting for!(^_^).


  1. betul the way...good luck ye

  2. All the best dear.. touching I baca.. =D

  3. sama bulu kening akak dgn wani...comel je anak beranak..hihihi
    menabung sini-inti

    1. wahhh! sempat lagi membelek bulu kening ye hahaha :D

  4. Wishing you the very best in life, living & blogging.. nice sharing.. :)

  5. comel anak kenit, cute gurl... :) selamat tahun baru ye...

    Boleh jenguk mama di sini..


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