Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm The Kuey Tiow Ghost!


How is everyone today? Feeling good? (^_^)

What did you eat for your dinner last night? 

Was it something you like or not so? Have you ever ate the same category of food in the same week? 

I have, in fact I do it regularly hehe. I just can't resist when it comes to the food I like. I would repeat the same food EVERYDAY if I have the chance and money lol. 

My kueytiow kungfu

Before this, I only knew and like TWO types of kuey tiow, kuey tiow goreng and char kuey tiow. Never came across about kuey tiow kungfu until my friends introduced it on FB hehe.

So, one night I tried it at a local stall near my house and since that night I'm addicted to it! lol. At least, I have an option if the char kuey tiow stall is closed right :p

But, this kuey tiow kungfu is quite expensive compared to char kuey tiow and luckily I'm the only person in family who likes to eat ekekeke.

My char kuey tiow 

I think everyone already know about my love for char kuey tiow hehe. You can read my obsession for it as I shared it right here! 

When I was in Kuantan, we would go to 'Nana' stall every week and had a full plate of special char kuey tiow with extra prawns and egg on top of it! 

Heaven ....!

I don't mind if my husband didn't give me flowers or showered me with jewellery you know, as long as I get to eat Nana's char kuey tiow everynight! lol.

Then when we moved to KL, I knew I had to find for a replacement and it's going to be a difficult task hehe. But, alhamdulillah the best char kuey tiow in town is just 100 metres from my apartment, hence I have nothing to worry anymore hehehe.

My kuey tiow goreng. Hew!

Last but not least, my old time favourite will always be kuey tiow goreng! I had it this morning for my breakfast and even yesterday. 

The best part about this kuey tiow goreng is, I like it when they use small kuey tiow. It really gives more pleasure to the taste and looks irresistable to me! (^_^)

So, there you have it. My husband used to said, "makan sampai muntah" and yeah I'll continue to eat till I vomit! LOL.

But in the meantime, I'll enjoy the title andddddddd eat kuey tiow (^_^)



  1. Zumal suka char kuey teow dgn kuey teow goreng tapi tak suka kuey teow sup :)

  2. Fuyoohhhh.. lapar tengok... :D :D

  3. zaman study kat uitm shah alam dulu, suka makan kuey teow kungfi kat kedai makan seksyen 2..zaman tu ni xtau ada lg ke tak...
    seriously, sedap hingga menjilat pinggan

  4. sama ar kite. suke kuetiaw. makan bakso pon dgn kuetiaw

  5. aaaaa semuanya sedap2. telan air liur dibuatnya

  6. Kenit sep! Farah pn suka jugak lebih2 k.teow whatchaaa *kungfu ler.. =D

  7. Me too... But sy msih berpntg... Huhu

  8. yummylicioussssss.... Suddenly, I'm hungry... huhu....
    I like so much eat ko teaw kungfu or any type of koteaw...
    YUMMYYYYY....! ♡♡♡

  9. fiza pun suke kuew teow..sedap dari mee :)


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