Thursday, February 25, 2016

That superstitious stories your friend tellin' you ....


Kids like to hear stories. Who doesn't right? Especially when it comes from your school friends! But the problem is they tend to believe that the stories are true ... expecially the 'mystical' a.k.a tahyul part haha. Same to same when we were kids, we also do believe this kind of tales right... hohoho :p

Sometimes I just don't know how to respond when kakak believe in something she haven't seen or experienced herself and just hear it from her friends. I was like ..."kakak semua tu tak betulla.... please jangan percaya macam tu boleh tak?" .... I mean the expressions on her face when she tellin' you ... hahaha ayoyoyo seems like she really really really believe the thing happened!

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Last week, she told me 3 different stories about this 'mystical' a.k.a tahyul  ....

1. Kakak : Buu ... A****** school got ghost you know. My friend there told us (her and her other friends) there's a classroom in the school where they see ghost living there. My friend said the ghost likes to move tables and make sounds but nobody inside the classroom ...

Me : When did it happen?

Kakak : Longggg time ago bu.....

Me : Means your friend haven't come out yet from her mother's stomach la?

Kakak : Yup ...

2. Kakak : Buu .. do you know if we don't tidy up (kibas cadar) the bed cloth, the devil (setan) will come and disturb us in sleep (ngigau)

Me : Who said so ..?

Kakak : My friend la ...

3. Kakak : Buu ... you know ar when we eat ice cream we must eat it fast becoz if we don't the devil (setan again) will eat our ice cream. My friend already kena .... when she don't eat the ice cream (kon), the ice cream jadi like senget (macam teralih la) macam tu ....

Me : Do you really believe that ....??

Kakak :  Urmm ... (she kind of scared I will scold her if she said yes haha)

The last one really tickles me la hahaha .... I just know that devil also like curi curi makan :p

Your friends are highly imaginative kakak. But there are certain things we just don't believe coz it sounds so ridiculous and superstitious. On the other hand, I'm glad that she is willing to share those 'stories' with me so that I can 'brainwash' her again and again that the stories her friends been tellin' her ... is way too absurd and tahyul and not helping to connect your brain cells at all!


  1. Assalamualaikum, yup sometimes kids kena dicorrectkan, its ok to have high imagination but not too much hehehehe.. by the way sometimes kids telling the truth you know hehehee, one dulu saya waktu budak ada experience tapi bila bgtau Mak, adalah kena rembat. You see my mom keeps her mom photos, she passed away long time ago, and at one night (since photo ni tersergam indah kat living room) I saw my grandma punya lips dalam photo itu buka buka luas mcm mau bercakap...I am pretty sure I was not imagining... because when I told my mom (wlpn after that dia rembat saya) she chose to keep that photo in a box, no more on the wall, because deep inside she knows I was telling the truth...for a reason that only the elders know.... until know I am forbid to talk about that in front of my mom heheheheheeh

    1. W'salam, pengalaman yang menarik ni. Dalam hal2 macam ni, mak-mak kita memang kalau boleh nak keep quite je tapi yang mengalaminya saja yang boleh rasa betul tak. But then again, dalam kes my daughter ni dia cepat percaya even benda tu obviously tak masuk akal macam 3 cerita di atas. At this age dia tak patut ditakutkan dengan cerita-cerita mistik yang boleh melemahkan semangat dia ... you see becoz of the ghost story in the classrom she said she don't want to be a teacher dah hehehe ....


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