Thursday, August 30, 2018

Parents shouldn't confuse with these two words

Assalamualaikum! FORCE or ENCOURAGE.

Being a mom for 11 years, I realize that we parents always do get confused with these two words. More often we hope that our children would be more independent and could learn something new for the benefits of their future life. But we always forget in the process of doing it we tend to force them to do it themselves rather than to encourage.

I myself is far from perfect. But, motherhood has given me opportunities more than I deserve to learn how to change my bad parenting to the less-bad one. 

Recently, My 9 year old daughter asked me what should she make for the Independence contest in school. There was a list given by her teacher earlier and I told her to pick one that she had made before and she can make it again this time. 

Long story short, she wants to make a lantern and we started to discuss what should be written on it and how to cut the paper and so on. First, she was reluctant to do it and asked me to make it for her. And I admit, I actually 'forced' her verbally to make it on her own and this led to her sad face.

But then ... I paused. This is wrong. You just can't force someone like that. As a mother I should have encouraged her, teach her and convince her that she can do it. It's ok if she doesn't win, the important thing is she is able to make it on her own. 

Like all mothers, I just want the best for my daughters. 



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  1. yup.. it is better to encourage and and guide them to do their best. they learn better that way. but CT belum jadi mom so cant say much bout parenting =)


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