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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Make a Kid Do

Assalamualaikum! Sometimes, parent cross an invisible line in the upbringing of the children, making a little person do things that were prohibited several days ago. However, if the grown-up person can distinguish situations and determine the necessity of this or that action, a kid isn't able to do that yet. There is a list of things you shouldn’t force your kid to do.

1.    To lie.

It’s about the small things as well. If your child will treat lies as something ordinary and will lie to other people, sooner or later, they will lie to you too. You will not be able even to understand it because acting will become only better with time.
2.    To eat when the child is not hungry.
Yes, there are norms according to which pediatricians recommend feeding a child of a certain age. However, these norms are not so big as it seems to most caring parents.
3.    To be something they're not.
For example, if your child is shy, then accept it. Do not make them be (or seem) communicative if they do not like it, especially if the child does not suffer from their shyness. The same applies to overactive, agile, and noisy children.
4.    To apologize without a reason.
It happens that some mummy screams on the playground, "Apologize immediately!" And the kid obeys, not having the slightest idea what they apologize for and who needs it. Apology becomes only a compulsory but incomprehensible ritual, which includes neither kindness, nor tact, nor regret. Therefore, before demanding an apology, try at least briefly explain why the kid should apologize.
5.    To say hello to strangers.
It’s also about taking sweets, toys or money. Sometimes, unfamiliar people start involving children in a sincere conversation or treat them with sweets. Therefore, the rule of Little Red Riding Hood, "Do not talk to strangers!" should be known from early childhood.
6.    To be friends with people they do not like.
Even if you are the best friends with the parent of another child, this does not mean that your own child should also be friends with this family as well as to endure when they are teased just because you do not want to quarrel with the abuser's parent. Be friends, go shopping together and go to the movies, but give the child the right to decide.

7.    To change their habits sharply.
It does not matter whether it's about giving up a bottle, sleeping in a separate bed, stopping sucking on a pacifier or going to kindergarten for the first time. Your kid should mature to change. These transitions should be smooth and gradual.
8.    To put the child on a strict diet, to force to fast or to punish with food.
You shouldn’t make a cult of food as well as of diets. Besides, fruit often tastes sweeter when it's forbidden. If you want to control or restrict some harmful foods, then do not buy them, do not test your kids' willpower. Try to explain to the child the principles by which they need to eat, but do not strictly forbid these products, unless, of course, it’s not about allergies.
9.    To sleep where they don’t want to.
If your child experiences a feeling of discomfort, then do not force them to spend the night in an unfamiliar place. Of course, sometimes, parents just need to have a free evening, but in this case, the best option is to ask a grandmother or another adult person to spend the night in your house.
10.  To do things they do badly.
If your child, after months of training, still cannot stand steadily on skates, and even hates this process, then it might make sense to replace figure skating with a music school, no matter how you would like to be the parent of a champion. Let the child make their own choice.
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