Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Top 10 Must-Have Items From Althea!

Assalamualaikum! I have known Althea since their 1st year in 2016 and I just can't believe they have been doing so great since then until they become one of the most established and well-known K-beauty brand in South East Asia and Malaysia particularly!

I must admit I began to indulge myself into this beauty and skincare products like seriously since I first knew about Althea. Though I'm not categorized as a beauty junkie but Althea's product sincerely has helped me to improve my skin and make me more discipline in my skincare routine lol.

I have always wanted to try new products from Althea but I must be careful since I have an oily skin and....PIMPLES! haha. That's the tricky part I guess....but, lucky me I found few products that suited well with my type of skin and I would recommend to those who have the same problem as mine.

When talking about beauty, I wouldn't just consider on the skincare and make-ups only. You have to go from the tip to toe you know hehe, but it's worth my money and definitely worth yours too.

Let's check it out!


I am using this now, and I recommend you to try this out! This bar is no ordinary soap ya. I have been struggle with my pimples and so far this magic stone soap works really fine for me. I wasn't sure when I first picked it up and put it into my cart, but looking at the ingredients that uses herbal including shea butter, fresh green mud and hyaluronic acid really got me interested to try for the first time. 

Even it is best for those who have sensitive skin.


I have been wanting this to get rid of my blackheads! It has gone viral on social media as the 'blackhead kill stick'. From the outside it might just look like a brush stick but actually it comes with a charcoal powder and seawater extract to cleanse the pores that filled with impurities. Not to forget the menthol to give the coolness sensation and minimize pores.


When you have oily skin like me, you gotta have these with you all the time. I used to buy from the pharmacy but the oil blotting papers that come with a sponge really got me feel comfortable. Made with 100% natural hanji (traditional korean mulberry paper), these papers are soft and gentle on the skin and would come in handy for me.


There's a day when I just need to put something on my face not only for a radiant complexion but that hides the imperfections on the skin with long-lasting effect. This foundation has "Double shot Technology" that provides perfect coverage with a single glide, and it fits like a magnet to give moisture and radiant complexion.


I must say, the latest Glamfox lip gloss from Althea really caught my eye! It would be my first try and to my collection. What's so interesting about this lip gloss is that it contains 99.9% 24K gold powder which gives your lips a glossy and radiant sheen and real flowers within the lip gloss.

It also contains the French ingredient Volufiline for plump, kissable lips! They have 5 attractive pink shades, but I'd like to try Moonlight Flower for my first try.


It's kinda tricky to find a shampoo that works for your hair especially when you wear hijab. Luckily, I found this Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo from Althea and recommend you guys to give it a try. It's silicon-free prescription, removes dirt and gives you the cooling sensation all day long. Definitely love the scent too!


As much as our hair needs a good shampoo, same thing goes to hair serum. It specializes in hydrating hair with not 1 but 7 kinds of oil: Argan, Jojoba, Camelia, Marula, Olive, Apricot and Coconut which smoothen your hair, detangle and strengthen it while improving elasticity. And because of it work wonders on many, it has been awarded by Beauty Awards and Elle Girl. Therefore, I must give it a try!


It will never be complete without a cleansing tools for your makeup. In my case, Perfect Clean Cleansing Tissues from Prreti really have something unique to offer. This is because it has Broccoli Sprout Extract! Not only broccoli, this cleansing tissues also contains natural elements such as cucumber, celery with honey, tomato, potato, cabbage. Each of the ingredients has its effect which is to vitalizing, soothing and moisturizing. I must say, with all these healthy elements one cannot say no to this must-have items right!

I love the combination of 3 type of textures in this palatte : mattes, satins and glitters. Most of the shades are more to earth-color and suits with my light brown skin. So whenever I want to look casual, I can choose the mattes or satins and for glamour looks I'll go to glitters. All 3 types in 1 compact size perfect for any occassions. Now, isn't that awesome!


I have been searching for a makeup remover and I found this very interesting to try! It contains organic rice water that is rich in Vitamin B and minerals. It helps to brighten up the skin and help the skin to absorb moisture. More important, is it removes makeup without irritation. 

So there you go, my top 10 Althea Korea wishlist for now. If you are looking something good for your hair and skin, hope this little sharing could help you to make the decision. Till then, enjoy yourself in this festive season with your loved ones and don't forget to shop at Althea!



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