Friday, February 01, 2019

My New Makeup Line from ALTHEA !


Hello Februari!
Yesssss! My Luna Box is here!
My source of happiness dah sampai!
Never fail to make me smile.
Never tired to give me surprise.

Kali ni they have new makeup line for you ladies!
Rugilah kalau tak grab sekarang.
Tengok kali pertama terus jatuh cinta!

Setiap kali terima parcel merah jambu dari Althea, saya pasti akan buat video unboxing
Tak tahulah kenapa, tapi keterujaan tu tak pernah padam dengan Althea haha.
Mesti happy mesti ceria kalau dari Althea!
Coz I know they have everything I need for my makeup and skincare.

New makeup line from Althea yang korang harus jatuh cinta!

💖 Watercolor Cream Tint Set
💖 BCLxAlthea Eye Palette
💖 Spotlight Eye Glitter
💖 Skin Relief Spot Film Gel
💖 Flawless Creamy Concealer Set

Tak sabar nak try different shades of lip tint tu. 
Ada 4 uolls!
I can mix match with the concealer.
Not forgetting the BCLxAlthea Eye Palette dan Eye Glitter for a glamorous look!
And Skin Relief for those yang have pimples like me but wanna look fantastic when apply makeup.

Wait for my tutorial and review ya!
Wish me luck! haha.



1 comment:

  1. wah, angel.
    aida ni bab make up memang out la, Nim.
    tak pandai langsung. sib baik la kerja tak melibatkan kena make up tau.
    bedak, lipstik & eye liner jer :)
    one thing about althea, warna nyer tu cantik. all in 1 plak tu.


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