Sunday, February 23, 2014

# Ekstrim

Funny Signs!!


Most of the sign board are made for safety & awareness purposes. But, some of them are made just to make you smile..or laugh if you think it's funny! LOL. From restaurants, road signs to private properties these sign boards are one of the kind! Funny kind LOL.

Check this out yo!

They might funny, ridiculous, crazy sign boards but they make sense! don't you think? hehe. Happy weekend everyone!!(^_^)

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  1. Hahaa.. signboard skodeng yg tak tahan tu ekekeke.. slmt berhujung minggu semoga kenit sekeluarga ceria selalu.. :D

  2. macam2 la signboard yang ada kan?
    terhibur jugak baca signboard yang lawak macam ni.. hehehe

  3. banyak signboard yang kita kurang faham...selalu di luar negara.....


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