Monday, February 11, 2013

The Sweetest Smile.

Kakak: " buuu...kakak nak lukis muka ibu ni, ibu senyum jap"
Aku: " okey...." *sengih sambil sepetkan mata*
Kakak: "bu...buat 'peace' bu"
Aku: "pulakkkk?" *angkat dua jari buat peace*
Kakak: "ok ok...diam jap....................ok ok kakak dah dapat"

Best gak jadi model tuk anak. Kakak memang suka melukis dan mewarna. Suruhla dia lukis apa pun, dia mesti no problem punyer. Sekarang....lukisan kakak dah siap....nak tengok? Tuuuuuu.....habis satu badan ibu diwarna-warnikan. Means ibu ni 'colourful' dan ceria sepanjang waktu hehehe.

And after she finished her drawing and she showed it to me and asked, "ibu..lawa tak kakak kaler?", aku jawab, "very beautiful kak, colourful. Ibu suka kakak kaler colourful", and that when she smiled the sweetest smile I've ever seen. Remember, when u praise them for what they love doing most, they will give u the best gift of ur life....and that is LOVE.
And that is the best gift from Allah to us..Alhamdulillah~

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