Thursday, December 27, 2012

# Something in my head

Someone Died And I'm Rich..Wanna Know How?

Here's the story....

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 Don't understand? Lazy to read?Nevermind...i'll make it easy for you guyzzz.

The so-called Dr. Ravindra F. Shah
died in a plane crash in 2003

...and he's got tonnes of money in his
bank account.



and this pathetic thief would like me 
to be his 'black sheep' by using
my account to transfer his 
so-called money.
....and if i'm stupid enough to listen to 
him, i'll be getting 30% of the total
($91,666,666.6667 wooooo!)


This is just another scam, so please dont you EVER trust them! And....don't be stupid.

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