Friday, November 28, 2014

When You Are Officially 31 ...


Alhamdulillah .... I'm officially 31 today. What more can I ask from Him? 31 years of living ... in one small happy family with ups and downs until right now that I have my own. Looking back at those years .... makes me wonder .... what more can I ask from Him ... or rather can I ask more and more from Him? Such a greedy me .... make sins and repent and ask for blessings and duniawi pleasures ... 

Presents? I do already have ... since I'm in my mother's womb. And then I grew up, go to school, make friends , got fight, breathe in breathe out ... for 31 years and still breathing alhamdulillah. What else can I ask from Him .... He already fullfilled my biggest wish ... even before I turn 31 this year. Nothing compare my happiness my gratitudes to what He had given to me.

And there is me ... such a greedy still wanna ask more from Him. But He Is All Giving and only to Him I appeal ... and never He rejected any of it. Allahuakbar ....

Being at this age ..... means I'm one step closer to death. That death thing keeps me thinking how much longer I can hold this breath in my body and how is my life going to end. It's really horrible ... have you ever thought of that?? ....

Great ... Talking to much huh. My daughters calling ...



Apa kata korang?

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